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Official Merchandise Fundraiser Now Open!

Our official merchandise fundraiser shop is open for business! It will stay open from now until December 23rd for guaranteed delivery prior to the March. It will shut down temporarily and then reopen for anyone who missed the first round but the items ordered will NOT be guaranteed to get to you before the March. ALL proceeds will go to pay for the items needed to put on the March, including but not limited to: Porta Potties, stage, sound, lighting, video, ADA seating, tents... Thank you in advance for supporting the March!

Announcing the Women's March on Philadelphia 2019 #weshallbeheard

#WESHALLBEHEARD We are beyond excited to once again host and organize the 3rd Annual Women's March on Philadelphia on January 19th, 2019. Our theme this year is  "We Shall be Heard" !  We shall be heard  in our neighborhoods as we organize for action against gun violence, racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia.  We shall be heard  in the workplace where we expect equal pay for equal work and say #timesup to sexual harassment and assault.  We shall be heard  by the politicians who represent us on women's reproductive rights including safe and legal abortion, low cost healthcare for all, free college tuition, lgbtq rights and anti-discrimination policies, a pathway to citizenship and immigration reform, protection for the right and the ability for all citizens to vote and climate change policy. We hope that you will join us at 10am at Eakins Oval as we march down the Ben Franklin parkway to the Philadelphia Art Museum where we will rally with a list of a