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Disability and Accessibility Information


If you want to participate, but cannot attend because of a chronic illness or disability there are 2 ways you can still participate ... (you can even do both if you like!)

Disability March

The Disability March is “an online movement that gives people with disabilities and chronic illnesses a way to actively participate in the event via the internet. 

The Disability March site includes prompts for interested participants to submit their names, photos and statements.” The info goes live on the website and is also visible on the Disability March’s twitter feed @DisabilityMarch, creating a virtual archive of participants.”
- source

The first Disability March was put together in December 2016-January 2017 by a small ad-hoc group of writers and organizers including Sonya Huber, Sarah Einstein, Andrea Scarpino, and others; most of our ad-hoc organizing group are disabled people; this category includes people with a variety of physical limitations as well as chronic illnesses.

To participate in this year’s Disability March and also be connected to the Philadelphia Women’s March, go to and enter your info following the instructions there. To also be included in Women's March on Philadelphia, include the hashtag #womensmarchPHL2018 at the beginning of your message.

Sample Disability Marcher:

Image description: Black woman in a black shirt smiling to camera

Marching With Me

Recognizing that many people with chronic illness and disability cannot physically protest at marches and rallies, #MarchingWithMe, a Suffering the Silence initiative organizes partnerships of ongoing advocacy between Supporters in our community and able-bodied Marchers.

Together, we march for a stronger, more inclusive future. MarchingWithMe matches Supporters with “boots on the ground” Marchers. Marchers wear a small, printable photo banner of their Supporter on the day and partners are encouraged to share personal stories with each other in advance of the march and then by posting photos and experiences of the march on social media with the #MarchingWithMe hashtag.

All matches for this year’s Women’s March must be submitted by Tuesday, January 16th.

Visit and follow the instructions. Enter Philadelphia or Philly in the space labeled OTHER under “Major City You're Closest To”

Once you are paired and ready to participate in the Women’s March on Philadelphia, Marchers and Supporters should be sure to not only use the #MarchingWithMe hashtag, but also include the hashtag ##womensmarchPHL2018 and be sure their posts are set to public.

Sample MarchingWithMe Supporter:
Sample #MarchingWithMe placard of Leah Oren, a white woman in her late teens or early twenties with dark curly hair tucked inside a pink and white striped hat.  She is smiling.  The text above the image reads "#MarchingWithMe" "Partnering Individuals Living with Disability and Illness with Boots-on-the-Ground Advocates"

We hope to be able to share posts from both the Disability March and Marching With Me on our FB Page, Event, Twitter feed and at the March itself on the screens at the March on the 20th.

FYI: While we know that there are many other reasons that you may not be able to attend, please read the requirements for each march as they are not meant for those with temporary reasons they can't attend. It is not that these people and their reasons aren't valued, but people with disabilities and chronic illness don't have other avenues to participate. So each of the above listed marches have their own requests as to who participates in them. Please honor them.

There is an Online March that was created to fill the need for a virtual march for anyone else who can't attend for other reasons. Find that event here and consider using the same hashtags listed above.

*January 20th is a day dedicated to the social acceptance of disability and to honor the late Annie Hopkins, founder of 3E Love and creator of the International Symbol of Acceptance.


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